*** Tasters ***

Irish Nachos - $9.99
Lightly-Seasoned Potato Skins topped with delicious layers of shredded corned beef, tomatoes, caramelized onions, bacon and smoked gouda cheese. Rightfully served with our kick-ass horseradish sour cream. Perfect for grazing with a pint Of Guinness.

Black & Tan Rings - $9.99
A must try! Our Guinness and spice battered onion rings served with our legendary mustard bleu cheese dipping sauce. Definitely a Pub favorite! Pairs well with...you guessed it...a traditional Black-&-Tan.

Country Woodbury Wings - $10.50
Classic with a twist! Our tender chicken wings brined in Harp's alve and crushed peppers, tossed in your choice of our 5th Street or BBQ Wing Sauce. Served with celery and choice of ranch or bleu cheese dipping sauce. Extra sauce will be $.50 each. These play well with an ice cold pint of Harp.

Cheese Balls - $9.99
An American classic meets Irish Pub. You'll get more than your fair share when it comes to these puppies. Served with ranch.

Leprechaun Balls- $10.99
Spiced Irish sausage wrapped around fresh mozzarella cheese and a hint of cabbage. Hand battered and fried. Served with a Chipotle honey mustard for dipping. They're a mouthful!

County Kilbeggan Buffalo Nachos - $10.25
Shredded buffalo chicken tossed with black beans, roasted bell peppers, onions, roasted corn, tomatoes, and seasoned tortilla chips, finished off with our Guinness cheese sauce, and sour cream...ADD guacamole for $.50

Spinach & Cabbage Dip - $10.50
Shredded cabbage mixed with spinach and made into a cream dip and topped with smoked gouda cheese served with toast.

Pretzel Bites - $10.75
Warmed pretzel bites served with Guinness cheese sauce.

Caprese Stuffed Mushrooms - $9.99
Large mushrooms stuffed with a mix of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, garlic and finished off with balsamic glaze.

Buttered Fried Shrimp - $9.99
Fried shrimp tossed in our buttery house seasoning and served with red curry dipping sauce.

Tasters Sampler - $16.99
Some of the pub's favorite all of one plate. Black & tan onion rings, cheese balls, pretzel bites, and wings tossed in 5th Street sauce.

1/2 Price Apps
Tuesday - Thursday = 8pm - 9pm
Friday = 9pm - 10pm


*** Crocks ***


Pub Chili - $5.99
Tenders cuts of steak cooked with beans in a spiced tomato base. Great way to warm up!

Soup Of The Day- $5.99
Ask about our freshly made Soup Of The Day.


Beef & Barley- $5.99
Irish crock full of tender chunky sirloin steak coupled with delicious pearl barley in a rich beef stock. Traditional...simple.

Irish Potato & Sausage- $5.99
Creamy Potato chowder flavored with Irish bangers. Classic Irish.



*** Salads ***


5th Street Chicken Salad - $9.99
Crispy chicken tenders tossed in our famous 5th Street wing sauce and placed on a bed of lettuce greens. Topped with smoked gouda, roasted bell peppers, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes, and bacon.
Add grilled chicken - $3.50 | or seared salmon - $6.00 | sauteed shrimp - $7.00

Black & Blue - $9.99
Seasoned chopped sirloin over mixed greens, and served with blue cheese crumbles, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and diced tomatoes.
Add grilled chicken - $3.50 | or seared salmon - $6.00 | sauteed shrimp - $7.00


House Salad - $7.99
Mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon, and choice of dressing.
Add grilled chicken - $3.50 | or seared salmon - $6.00 | sauteed shrimp - $7.00




*** Sandwiches & Burgers ***


All Burgers and Sandwiches are served with choice of Fresh Fruit, Bailey Fries, Hot Potato Chips, or substitute OnionRings...$1.00, a Side House Salad...$1.50, Crock of Homemade Soup for...$2.00, or Peas & Carrots...$1.00

Classic Open Faced Reuben - $10.50
Knife and fork required! Toasted marble rye overflowing with a huge pile of tangy sauerkraut, hand-pulled in house corned beef, melted swiss cheese and our delicious pub sauce. We are pretty proud of this one. 1/2 size available - $5.99

Fish Sandwich - $10.50
Delicious battered haddock filet topped with melted swiss cheese, shredded lettuce and tartar sauce. We promise you have never had a fish sandwich like this! Go healthy - Go naked!

Angry Irishman - $10.99
Our juicy burger topped with corned beef, pepper jack cheese, pickled jalepenos, and our 5th Street sauce. It's a host as an Irishman with a bad temper!

Sioux City Cheesesteak - $10.25
Shaved steak covered with sauteed peppers and grilled onions, topped off with dripping melted pepper jack and American cheese. Philly has nothing on Sioux City here...

The Cheeseburger - $10.25
A juicy burger topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions. For an extra kick, add our signature horseradish sauce.

The Western Burger - $10.50
Our signature wee patty topped with onion straws, chipotle BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and smoked brisket.

Chicken Bacon Ranch - $10.25
Marinated chicken breast seared and topped with aged cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and our ranch mayo.

5th Street Chicken Sandwich - $10.50
A sauteed chicken breast dipped in our famous 5th Street sauce with melted bleu cheese, onion straws, lettuce, and tomato.

Ultimate Cheeseburger - $13.50
Two 8 oz burger patties topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, swiss cheese. If that wasn't enough we then pour our Guinness cheese sauce over the entire burger and patty. No way around it, this one needs a knife and fork!

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich - $9.75
A large pork cutlet breaded then friede. Placed on a bun topped with pickles, pub sauce and raw onions.

+Grilled Fish Sandwich - $9.99+
Our light and wonderful haddock seasoned with Cajan seasoning and pan seared. Topped with lettuce, tomato and pesto.

+Black Bean Burger - $10.50+
House recipe on a healthy "burger". Black with roasted corn, chipotle peppers, and Irish oatmeal. Topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, and artichoke pesto. Served with a side of fresh fruit. Cal. 746, Sod. 494mg, Sat. Fat 5g


Chipotle Shrimp Hoagie - $9.75
Seared shrimp on a grilled hoagie roll topped with spring mix lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and chipotle honey.



*** Mains ***


Seared Sirloin Steak - $16.50
10 ounce choice sirloin seasoned with our special spices and cooked to your liking. Topped with spicy garlic butter and served with buttered mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Fish-N-Chips - $14.25
PUB SIGNATURE FAVORITE - Fresh hand battered haddock fliets served with crispy fries, malt vinegar and tangy tartar sauce. Go healthy - Go naked. 1/2 Size available - $9.99


Corned Beef & Cabbage - $15.50
Hand sliced corned beef topped in jus demi served with cabbage and griddled potatoes. Grandma Bailey would be proud.

Shepherd's Pie - $13.50
A pub favorite! Ground beef simmered with fresh choped vegetables in a rich gravy and topped with buttery mashed potatoes and a side of marble rye toast.

Bangers & Mash - $12.50
Imported traditional Irish sausage placed on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, topped with onion gravy and served with peas and carrots. All Irish.


Tammy's Hearty Meatloaf - $13.25
A more than generous portion of an Irish classic. Served on a bed of mashed potatoes, a side of pease and carrots, and topped off with onion gravy.


Shrimp & Bacon Ale Mac-N-Cheese - $14.25
Not your everyday mac-n-cheese! Creamy white ale cheese sauce mixed with smokey bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. Then we go a little further and finish it off with smoked gouda cheese.


Roasted Chicken - $12.50
A half chicken seasoned with herbs and spices then roasted and topped with lemon garlic butter. Served with roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli.


+ Bare Haddock Dinner - $14.25+
Our famous haddock served with only a wee bit clothing. Lightly seasoned with our house blend of spices. Served with country potatoes and farmer style green beans. 1/2 size available - $8.99. Cal. 641, Sod. 900mg, Sat. Fat. 8g



*** Early Eaters 4-6pm ***


Early Eater Meals are $8.99 and comes with a side salad and fries.
(Sorry - no substitutions and not valid with any other discounts or coupons)

Breaded Pork Cutlet
With Brown Gravy

Chicken Tender

Wee Cheese Burger

Half Fish & Chips



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